Central Circle

This territorial circle comprises of the valley divisions of Central and Thoubal. The circle extends over the 3 (three) revenue districts viz., Imphal East, Imphal West and Thoubal. The Conservator of Forests, Central Circle is the head of the office and his office is situated at the Forest Head Office, Sanjenthong, Imphal.

The circle has its fair bit of diversity due to the varying topography it encompasses. The forest types vary from the Moist Deciduous Forests to the Semi-evergreen/ evergreen hill forests.

The urban/ semi-urban population in the circle has led to tremendous pressures over the forest areas in the circle. The want of space, soil for levelling the marsh lands for construction, fuel wood requirement, grazing lands and migration from elsewhere has been on the rise and the forests face pressure which is increasing day by day. The Langol Reserved Forests situated in the heart of the city falls within the circle and the protection of the same is a tedious task for the staffs. The presence Imphal River, Thoubal River, Iril River, Kongba River, Kanto River etc. adds to the importance of conservation of the forest area in the central circle.

The Central Division is drained by the Imphal River, Iril River, Nambul River, Kongba River etc., and Thoubal Division by the Thoubal River, Sekmai River etc., and Bishnupur Division by the Thongjaorok River, Ningthoukhong River, and Nambol River etc. All the rivers of these three divisions drain into the basin of Loktak Lake.

Generally the valley area has a gradient from North to South. The hills being the hills adjoining the valley, has gentle gradient generally, but in some portions of the immediate catchment of Loktak, Khamellok Gwaltabi Reserved Forests, Maphou & Island areas of Thoubal River catchment, there are steep sections.