Central Forest Division :

This Division is at the centre of the Imphal valley. It is bounded by Eastern Forest Division in the East, Northern forest Division on the North, Bishnupur Forest Division in the West, Thoubal Forest Division in the South with a total geographical area of 928.96 sq. km and forest area of 254.68 sq. km. This Division has a number of Reserved Forests namely, Langol Reserved Forests, Nongmaiching Reserved Forests, Laiching Reserved Forests, Khema Reserved Forests, Chingkheiching Reserved Forests and Sambei Purum Reserved Forests. The Khamellok Gwaltabi R F and western portion of Yaingangpokpi Reserved Forests under Senapati District are also under the management of the Central Forest Division. The Division is situated between 240 34’0’’ and 250 3’28’’ N latitudes and 940 46’22’’ and 940 04’52’’ E longitudes.