Western Forest Division (WFD) Tamenglong:

Western Forest Division, (Tamenglong District) is situated on the north-western part of Manipur State within 93010’ 07’’ E to 93057’22’’ E longitude and 24029’32’’ N to 250 27’41’’ N latitude. It is bounded on the north by sharing with Peren Sub-Division of Kohima District of Nagaland, on the east by the Sadar Hills of Senapati District of Manipur, on the west by the Barak River and on the south by Churachandpur District of Manipur.

The topography of the plan area of Western Forest Division, Tamenglong District is hilly terrains with very steep hillsides. The altitudinal variation varies from 35m above MSL at Nongleiband in Khoupum Valley to 2,241m above MSL at nort-east of Atang Khullen Village. According to the Regional Division of India, a cartographic analysis Series-I, Volume-XIII Manipur, published by the office of the Registrar General, India in 1980, the Tamenglong District is divided into 3 (three) sub-micro regions on the basis of geology, soil, topography, climate and natural vegetation. They are:- a) Northern Hilly Region, b) Western Hilly Region, and c) Eastern Hilly Region.

  1. Northern Hilly Region: The region spreads over the northern and some portion of central part of Tamenglong North (Tamei area) and Tamenglong Sub-Divisions. The area of the region is 1406 sq. km. and is not much developed.
  2. Western Hilly Region: The region extends over the western part of the district from north to south-west. The area is drained by the Barak and the rivers flowing from north to south-west and comprised of parallel ridges forming a rugged relief by the erosional activities of the rivers and carved out deep valley. The area of the region is 1573 sq.km.
  3. Eastern Hilly Region: The region extends over the eastern part of the district covering about half of Nungba Sub-Divisions. This region has an area of 1412 sq.km. and is yet to be developed.

In general, soils found in the plan area of Western Forest Division are shallow in depth, black and brown in colour.

The geographical area of the Forest Division excludes that of Tamenglong West Development Block (Tousem Sub-Division) whose geographical and forest areas are placed under the Jiribam Forest Division Vide Govt. Memo. No. 56/15/78-For dated 20 July, 1979. Hence, the geographical area for preparation of Working Plan of Western Forest Division, Tamenglong District does not include that of Tousem Sub-Division and Bunning Wildlife Sanctuary. The geographical area of the Forest Division is 3166.22 Sq. Km. (4391 Sq. Km. minus 1108.98 Sq.Km. of Tousem and 115.80 sq. Km. for Bunning Wild Life Sanctuary). The total forest cover is 3046.55 Sq. Km. which accounts for 96.22% of the geographical area while the remaining of 119.66 is Non-Forest area.