As per Champion & Seth’s classification-1968, Manipur have got 5 major Forest types. Tropical and subtropical forests have sub type.

  1. Tropical Semi Evergreen forests: Tropical forests are found in the areas, where altitude is less than 900 m, mean annual temp is around 23º C and annual rainfall is above 1700 mm. Soil is mostly sandy loam and terrain is undulating. Forests have two or more storied, canopy is closed, climber are common and regeneration is poor. 3 sub type of tropical evergreen forests are found in Manipur.
    1. 2B/C2 Cachar Tropical Semi Evergreen forests :- In this type top canopy is covered by deciduous forests, but middle canopy occupied by evergreen species is more dominant. Main species are Dipterocarpus turbinatus, D tuberculatus, Artocarpus chaplasha, Duabanga sonnertoides, Michelia,Terminalia chebula, Emblica etc. Canes are found in wet patches. This type is found in Tamenglong, Churchandpur, Chandel, Ukhrul districts. and Jiribam subdivision.The extent of this forest is 2,783 Sq Km.
    2. 2/2S1 Secondary Moist Bamboo brake :- Due to extensive shifting cultivation or fire, a large area of tropical forests have been degraded and retrogression secondary succession takes place by bamboo species. Most common species is melocana, other are Dendrocalamus and Bambusa spp. This type is found in Tamenglong, Churchandpur, Chandel & Ukhrul districts and Jiribam subdivision. The extent of this type is 1414 Sq Km.
    3. 2B/2s1 Pioneer Euphorbiaceous Scrub :- Tropical Forests after heavy felling regeneration of fast growing but short lived takes place(Retrogression). The main characteristic is stunted growth, xerophytic conditon. Inferior species like Macaranga, Mallotus, trema dominate, under shade slower and adaptable spp.comes up. This type is found scattered in all the districts except Senapati. Extent of this type is only 53 Sq Km
  2. Tropical Moist deciduous forests:3/3C3b East Himalayan Moist mixed deciduous Forest:- This type has all characteristic of tropical forests but due to lesser rainfall the deciduous species are dominant. The main species are cedrela toona, Castanopsis, Gmelina, Quercuss, Oroxylon indica, Schima wallichai, Sterculia villosa, Lagrestroemia spp. This is found mostly in senapati districts. The extent of area is 523 Sq Km.
  3. Subtropical Broadleaved hill Forests:- Subtropical climate are those whose mean annual temperature and Jan temp is around 20ºC and 7ºC. Such areas are found at an elevation from 700 m to 1500 M. Subtropical areas are covered by two forest types broad leaved(Wet hill) and Pine forests
    1. 8B/C1 East Himalayan Subtropical West hill Forests: This type is represented by thinner canopy, Evergreen dominant, easily visible storey along with ground flora and climbers. Main species are Quercuss, Castanopsis, Alnus, Phoeba, Schima, cinnanomomum, Litsea, Machilus, syzygium, cedrela, Diptercarpus, etc. This type cover maximum area of 8641 Sq Kmis scattered throughout Manipur.
    2. 8B/C2 Khasi Subtropical Wethill Forest:- This type is assumed as degradation from above forests and found on hill slopes. The height of the tree is moderate, canopy thinner and second storey is hardly distinguishable. This forest type is found in senapati and churachandpur districts.The extent of this type is 387 Sq Km.
  4. Subtropical Pine Forests
    1. 9/C2 Assam Subtropical Pine Forests:- This type can be easily identified as pinus kesia is dominating. Associates of pine like quercuss, schima, Rhododendron spp are also found Undergrowth and regeneration of other spp are negligible. This type is found in Ukhrul, Imphal, Chandel and Churachandpur. The extent of area is 1374 Sq Km.
    2. 8B/2S1 Assam Subtropical Pine Forests:- This type is secondary sere degradation from broad leaved forests due to fire and biotic interference. Broad leaved spp are slowly replaced by grassland and pine regeneration from the surrounding. This type is found in Churachndpur and Tamenglong districts. The extent of area is38 Sq Km.
    3. 9/C2/DS1 Assam Subtropical Pine Savannah:- In this type pine occurs as scattered trees over grass is obviously degradation from pine forests due to biotic pressure. This type is found in Churachandpur districts. The extent of area is 76 Sq Km
  5. Montane Wet temperate forests Between:11B/C1b Buk Oak Forests.: This type is found in higher altitude above 1700 M, where winter is pronounced and frost is common. Trees/Forests of stunted growth are main characteristic of this type. Quercuss –Magnolia-Acer and conifer association are common. Other species are Castanopsis, Alnus, Betua, Michelia, Acer prunus, Rhododendron, etc. This type is found mostly in Ukhrul, Senapati and tamenglong and scattered in Chandel and Churachandpur. The extent of area is 1791 Sq Km.