Home of the unique and endemic ground lily, Lilium macklinae (Shiroi Lily)

Basic Information
Area 100 sq. km
Date of est. 25/11/1982 (proposed & settlement proceeding not yet completed)
District Ukhrul
Altitude 1715m . 2567 m (Shiroi) M.S.L
Temperature Avg.2.80C to 330C. (occasional snowfall)
Forest type East Himalayan wet temperate Forests.

Important fauna

The sanctuary supports 42 species of mammals, 74 species of aves, 29 species of reptiles, 6 species of amphibia, 86 species of fishes.

Mammals :- Hoolock gibbon; Himalayan Black bear; Barking deer; Sambar; Leopard; Jackal; Migratory Indian elephant along Indo-Myanmar,; Pangolin; Wild boar; Jungle cat; Flying squirrel, Martens; Clouded leopard; Golden cat; Slow loris; Hog badger; Serow; Stump tailed macaqe; Bison; Otter; etc.

Birds :- Jungle fowl; Parakeet; Mrs. Humes barred backed pheasant; Blyths tragopan; Horn bills etc.

Reptiles :- Tortoise; Viper; Krait; Cobra; Python; Land monitor lizard, Green snake; Rat snake; Varanus; Buff striped keelback etc.

Amphibia :- Salamandar

Reptiles :- Python, cobra etc.

Important flora

As many as 5 (five) Quercus species and 7 (seven) Rhododendron species at the upper ridges are found in the Park. The other dominating species are Michelia manipurensis; Magnolia cambellii; Pinus kesiya; Castanopsis species; Phoebe hainesiana etc. Most importantly, the unique and endemic ground lily locally known as Shiroi Lily ( scientific name : Lilium macklinae). Was first discovered by a British Botanist named F.Kingdon Ward in 1948 and bagged the coveted merit prize of 1948 Royal Horticultural Society Flower show in London.


For visit
Journey 93 Km by road from Imphal
Accommodation i) Rest House, Shiroi
ii) PWD I.B, Ukhrul
Best season of visit May & June (blooming season of lily) Early morning trekking (2-3 hours).