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Sangai (State aminal of Manipur ) in Keibul Lamjao, N P: Photo Courtesy Salam B K Singh
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Nongin-State Bird of Manipur (Photo by - Mrs. Humes Barred Back Pheasant)
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Calotes mystaceous
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Rucervus eldii eldii (Sangai) State Animal
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Erythrina indica...
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Fly catcher...
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The Forest Department, Manipur is the organization in the state dedicated to the development and improvement of Forests and Wildlife of Manipur. The Department is headed by the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Manipur under the guidance of the Administrative Department in charge of Forests and Environment in the Secretariat.




Home of the unique and endemic ground lily, Lilium macklinae (Shiroi Lily)

  1. the Great Indian hornbill,
  2. the Rufous necked hornbill,
  3. the wreathed hornbill,
  4. the Indian Pied and lesser pied hornbill, and
  5. the brown backed hornbill.
Basic Information
Area 187.50 sq. km
Date of est. 18/6/1997 (proposed & settlement proceeding not yet completed)
District Churachandpur
Altitude 518m. 2014 m M.S.L
Annual rainfall 228.91 cm (2002)
Temperature 11.80C to 22.70C.
Humidity 58.1 % (2000)
Forest type Sub-tropical Wet Hill Forests (8B/C2).

Important fauna

Mammals :- Hoolock gibbon; Barking deer; Sambar; Leopard; Jackal; Jungle cat; Clouded leopard; Golden cat; Serow; Stump tailed macaqe;Pig tailed monkey; marble cat etc.

Birds :- Great Indian hornbill, Rufous necked hornbill, wreathed hornbill, Indian Pied and lesser pied hornbill, and brown backed hornbill.

Important flora

Phoebe hainesiana; Michelia champaca; Dillenia pentagyna Duabanga onneroetoides; Terminalia myriocarpa; Gmelina arborea; Bauhinia purpurea; Artocarpus hirsute etc.


For visit
Journey 132 Km by road from Imphal along N.H-150
Best season of visit Winter season.