• Unique and vibrant ecosystem representing Indo-Malayan biodiversity due to location of the sanctuary at the confluence of two major geographical zones.
  • Seasonal migratory of elephants from Myanmar.
  • Home of Hoolock gibbon, the only Ape species found in India.
Basic Information
Area 184.80 sq. km
Date of est. 21/3/1989
District Tengnoupal
Altitude 276m . 888 m M.S.L
Temperature 40C (Jan) to 400C. (June)
Humidity 35% in dry season to 100% (rainy season)
Forest type Teak-Gurjan & Tropical Moist Deciduous Forests
Population of important wild animals during 2003-04

Bear (10); Hoolock gibbon (51); Stump tailed Macaque (20); Burmese peafowl
(20); Green Pigeon (164); Pangolin (102); Wild boar (143); Sambar

(10); Leopard (10)

Important fauna

The sanctuary supports 42 species of mammals, 74 species of aves, 29 species of reptiles, 6 species of amphibia, 86 species of fishes.

Mammals :- Hoolock gibbon; Malayan sun bear; Barking deer; Sambar; Leopard; Golden cat; Jackal; Migratory Indian elephant along Indo-Myanmar,; Pangolin; Wild boar; Bear; Jungle cat; Flyingsquirrel, Slow loris, Martens; Stump tailed macaque; Serow etc.

Birds :- Jungle fowl; Hawk; Parakeet; Green pigeon; Mrs. Humes barred backed pheasant; Blyths tragopan; Owl; Green peacock; Wild pigeon; Hornbills; Cuckoo; Indian drongo ; Myna etc.

Reptiles :- Tortoise; Viper; Krait; Cobra; Python; Land monitor lizard, Green snake; Rat snake; Varanus; Buff striped keelback etc.

Amphibia :- Common toad; Tree frog; Indian bullfrog etc

Important flora

Dipterocarpus turbinatus; D. tuberculatus; Tectona grandis; Melanorrhoea usitata; Terminalia chebula; Emblica officinalis; Cedrella toona; Cedrella serrata; Quercus spp; Bauhinea spp; Dillenia spps. And varieties of bamboos etc.


For visit
Journey 110 Km by road from Imphal
Accommodation i) Forest Rest House, Moreh
ii) Forest I.B, Wildlife Office, Moreh
iii) Indo-Myanmar Trade Center R/H, Moreh.
Best season of visit October to April
Best time of visit Early morning.